Preview: Forgotten Heroes of Halloween!

Congratulations! If you’re here, you’re a chosen insider who will forever be one of the OG cool kids when everyone else is talking about this podcast. Typical casts will follow this rough outline: Mark and I will each highlight a lesser-known-but-impactful figure in a specific field or category, and relate his/her/its story to each other and our listening audience in an unremittingly hilarious (& fascinating & shocking & poignant) dialogue interspersed with songs, skits, and other short creative adventures.

For these “preview”-casts, we are presenting a slightly pared-down (or, HONE?) style, centering on one Forgotten Hero per episode. They are also aligned with the holidays because we’re viciously festive people. In any case, enjoy our Halloween-themed debut:


PS– we’re still working out some technical difficulties; in coming weeks, these will all be available in more traditional podcast formats. Never fear. Except today, because, you know, it’s Halloween.



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