Preview: Forgotten Heroes of Thanksgiving

Welcome back, ye faithful, to the second in our three-part preview series for the Forgotten Heroes Podcast. Today is a day on which we give thanks… but y’all can scroll through social media for half-assed inspirational quotes and backseat ethical wisdom. Here you’ll find the true meaning of the holiday; hear you’ll of ragamuffins remembered, fowl forgiven, and holidays historically hemisected (…yeah pretty proud of that one).

In addition, as half of our production team are vegetarian, we’ll be providing an in-(some)-depth look at the development of the “Vegetarian Thanksgiving,” from its early roots as a frequent target of carnivore caricature to its present-day state as… a somewhat less frequent target of carnivore caricature (with better recipes).

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day– a 2018 Thanksgiving Day vegetarian meal will be crafted step by step as an homage to the twentieth century’s least murderous menus. Also I’m really psyched to try these (potentially DISGUSTING but maybe awesome?) cocktails I’ve discovered….

For now, enjoy our tip-of-the-carving-knife podcast: Forgotten Heroes of Thanksgiving!

& you’re welcome!


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